The musicians and the music

We come from a variety of musical backgrounds, and draw on folk music from the British Isles, Europe and America.

Our instruments include guitars, harp, recorders and occasionally tuba, all held together by the strong rhythm of the electric bass guitar.

Our sound is amplified, but by using high-quality equipment we can make sure that we do not deafen you!

Let us know if you have a special request for a tune or a song and we will do our best for you. We can sing or play between dances if you decide that this will suit the occasion.

Andy Scarf

Caller for dancing

Andy also contributes vocals when we are called upon for songs, and tuba when he's not calling or singing.

Rob Swannack


At School they told him "music is a fine hobby my boy, but it's not really a proper living" Sigh.

Thirty-five years later, the youngest son said he'd like to play the harp. At the harp-maker's workshop he became enchanted, rashly decided he had to have one - and bought his first stringed instrument.

Twenty years further on, retired, and no one to tell him what he can and can't do. Or for that matter, his harp technique is all wrong.

Chris Draisey

Electric and accoustic bass

Need we say more?


Alan Draisey

Rhythm guitar

Alan took up the guitar in his youth (a few years ago now), and plays in a variety of bands covering genres from ragtime to rock.


John Davis


John has been playing in various bands and groups for over thirty years.

He was originally a classically-trained musician, but forgot all that a long time ago.